Curtain Cleaning

Domestic Curtain Cleaning

Our Curtain Cleaning Service

Clearway Cleaning Services, serving all of Cheshire, North West and surrounding areas, offers commercial and domestic curtain cleaning at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional service using modern equipment, and cleaning techniques. Plus we are fully insured on all items we clean. Thus protecting you and your property.

  • Full-service domestic curtain cleaning.
  • Intensive cleaning by professionals.
  • Fully-insured hassle free service.
  • End of tenancy, homeowner, and rented accommodation curtain cleaning.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

We use hot water extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning to restore your curtains. This is the most common professional curtain cleaning methodology. Thus it uses hot water at higher pressure, to penetrate into the curtain fibers. Which breaks down dirt and bacteria, to deliver a superior result. Then the hot water is then extracted via a vacuum.

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Using A Professional Curtain Cleaner

Curtain Cleaning is more important than you may realise in your home. When it comes to their appearance, curtains are hard to beat as a form of blind. They are perfect for creating privacy, and helping to contain heat which may escape from the window area.

As items with everyday use, it is important to ensure that your curtains stay clean and hygienic. Clearway Cleaning Services, serving all of Cheshire, North West and surrounding areas, have the knowledge and experience you need, to ensure your curtains are cleaned correctly. Moreover, there is no risk of shrinkage or damage, just the promise of a fresh clean home.

Professional Equipment

Many people without experience have made the mistake of hiring equipment that is not fit for purpose. To ensure that your curtains are not damaged in the cleaning process, you need a professional.

Clearway Cleaning Services use some of the most powerful equipment on the market to get the job done. Our Enforcer Machine packs 800psi with 2 x Lamb Ametek vacuum motors. Therefore, we are able to use the steam extraction method on your carpet, in combination with the right chemicals.

Our machine not only kills bacteria, and removes heavy soiling, but we also use Nano Stain Protection. This ensures your carpet stays cleaner for longer and is protected from re-soiling for up to 12 months.


  • Child & Pet Safe.
  • Stain Protection.
  • Fast Drying.
  • Extends Curtain Life.
  • Removes Bacteria & Dirt.
  • Eliminate Staining.